Department of Biochemistry in Guntur Medical College, Guntur started functioning from January 1948. Mr. M.C.Warrier,Mr.B.Brahamaiah Sastry and Mr.I.Ranga Brahmananda Rao worked as Lecturers and Heads of the department till 1956.PG course MD in Biochemistry was started in 1956. Dr. B. NagannaDSc FRIC had taken the responsibility as Professor& Head in April 1956. Under his guidance Dr.C.Sita Devi his first PG student, successfully completed her course in 1958. Subsequently Dr.A. V. S. S. Rama Rao(1959), Dr.K.R.Venkaiah(1961), Dr.M. A.Padmanabha Rao(1962), Dr.D.Balasundaram(1963) and Dr.K.Vasudeva Rao(1969) successfully completed their MD course.

The post of Additional Professor was created in 1978. The post of Associate Professor was created in 1998. The Department, having Central Biochemistry laboratory in Govt. General Hospital, is handling about 2.4 lakhs of investigations annually which are sent by different departments of Govt. General Hospital, Guntur with the support of Technical Staff, Post Graduates and Teaching Staff.

Special tests like Electrophoresis (for proteins), Chromatography, Thyroid Profile and Stone Analysis are done in the department. We are having 3 PG seats which are recognized by MCI. PG teaching has improved in the department along with weekly journal club, seminars with audio visual aids and daily interactive learning sessions using computer aided LCD projector.

Prize examination for UG has been an annual event since 1960. This prize was sponsored by Dr. A. S. R. Murthy who was professor of Physiology (1954-1963).

We started “Obesity Study Center” in Aug, 2005 and extended our study towards prevalence of metabolic syndrome in various conditions through PG dissertation work.


  1. Dr. V. Aruna – Hypomagnsemia in Diabetes Melliteus–IJPBS Online Journal

  2. Dr. N. Sreedevi – Comparitive Study of Prostatic disease by estimating serum PAP and total PSA levels – IJPBS Online Journal

Paper Presentations by Faculty Members

  1. Dr. V. Sreeramulu, M.D., I/C Professor of Biochemistry

    1. Prevalence of Thyroid profile in Hypothyroidism in Govt. General Hospital, R.M.C, Kakinada in AMBICON 2011 at Trichy.

    2. Arterial Blood Gas analysis in Diabetic Keto Acidosis in AMBICON 2012 at Bhubaneswar.

Paper Presentations by Post Graduates

  1. Dr. P. Naveen Kumar – Study of Prevalence of Subclinical Hypothyroidism in Obese middle aged women in AMBICON 2011 at Trichy

  2. Dr. P. Jyothi – Preliminary Biochemical markers in Metabolic Syndrome in AMBICON 2013 at Ludhiana, Punjab

Awards/ Prizes/ Distinctions – Under Graduates

  1. Prizes

    1. 2010 – 2011 – Mr. K. L. S. Lakshman Kumar

    2. 2011 – 2012 – Mr. Y. Anudeep

    3. 2012 – 2013 – Not conducted

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